Automate Your Data

Benefits of transformational data integration

In the new economy, data drives all business. Dynamic databases for real-time pricing and inventory make today's e-Business experience. Data is precious and making sure it's available to your customers 7 days a week, 24 hours per day is critical. Companies across all industries look to manage and analyze their data to help them achieve competitive and customer insight.


Only companies that can effectively manage, integrate, distribute and utilize their data assets will survive and prosper. Businesses require the ability to manage all the data in the organization no matter where it resides-whether on web servers, legacy and operational systems, diverse data stores or applications. Companies must build an effective data integration infrastructure that ensures data is in the right place at the right time, and in the right format for business intelligence, e-Business and other business applications.

The challenge is how to access, manage and manipulate the mountains of business data collected by computers every day-customer data, financial data and Internet click-stream data. According to some sources, the world has generated more data in the last 30 years than it has in all the preceding 5,000 years. This data often resides in different databases on different hardware platforms and operating systems. The proliferation of mixed system environments and incompatible data stores have made the goal of ubiquitous data access seem difficult or even impossible to attain.

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