My Price

What is MyPrice?

MyPrice is a feature available to IT Dealer Subscribers. This feature will allow our users to get their prices from the top tier 1 distributors and help them to allocate their saved time on creating new business and focusing on existing clients!

How much does MyPrice cost?

MyPrice is absolutely FREE to IT Dealer subscribers. For additional informationon how to become a registered customer sign up to the FREE trialor contact the IT Dealer team now.


How will MyPrice help me?

  • MyPrice will save you the time and effort of logging into multiple distributor sites to get the information required.
  • MyPrice is a real-time data feed which provides you with a single view of your pricing from multiple distributors on any product.
  • MyPrice will provide you with real-time information on prices offered by other online retailers, we call this the 'Street Price'.
  • It will reduce familiarisation time for new staff making them more productive.
  • It will save you money by always allowing you to issue the most competitive quotations.

What additional features does MyPrice offer?

  • MyPrice gives you a 360° view of all pricing and product availability within the top tier 1 UK distributors.
  • With the IT Dealer Quote Builder you can run 'What if' pricing scenarios in the Margin Calculator.
  • The MyPrice function will work alongside all current options available to you.
  • Resellers can locate all product information within one cost effective and time saving website.

Don't delay to find out whether you are applicable for the MyPrice upgrade for FREE!

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